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  • Rebecca Behbehani

Spiritual Fitness

My husband and I have entered into a challenge of being healthier. Part of that challenge is eliminating a food each week that we really need to get out of our diet. I think we have started with pretty easy ones- at some point, in the near future, we will have to really hit the ones that are going to be a struggle (I'm a sucker for a good homemade cookie).

The other part of it is being dedicated to close our rings on our watch every day. If you don't have a smart watch, let me explain- it means that there are set move, exercise and standing goals each day. Our goals are to move enough that we burn 1000 calories, we exercise for 60 minutes and we stand at least 20 minutes each hour (can be hard if you have a desk job). For the most part, we have been fairly successful in 2/3 of these. That exercise one gets us.

Maybe you are an avid exerciser. Maybe you are the type that is up at 4:45am and hitting the road for a 7 mile run. If that is you- God love you. You have grit. I admire you. I don't want to be you but I admire the dedication. For me, I'm a 'where can I fit this in my day' person.

I started working out at a boot camp style facility. I appreciate someone telling me what to do and having no time to think about how awful it is. But what I love even more is the encouragement that comes from the coaches. They are constantly reminding me that I'm strong. They remind me that I can do anything for 60 seconds. I can push myself a little bit more. They ask me why I came in, what do I want to get out the next hour. They remind me that I'm working on something that is 3 months away. That today is the start of that journey.

I love this. I need this. It is why I keep showing up but it isn't the only place in my life I need that. I need that in my faith walk. If I can commit myself to fitness, I need to commit myself to my faith building. It can be increasingly hard to focus on your Christian faith walk. There are distractions all around. We can easily see it like an exercise, and we just try to fit it in where it can work. We can be tired at night and choose not to read the Bible. We can plan to pray at every meal and just keep forgetting. We can always say "I'll start tomorrow"!

It isn't until we make a plan, set a goal, and strive to move forward, that we can really build. Yes, some nights you might fall asleep praying (but honestly, can you think of a better person to talk to as you fall asleep than God?!). But keep at it. Maybe give up 10 minutes of social media/internet searching and give that time to reading the Bible or doing a devotional. Set an alarm on your phone to for every couple of hours to remind you to be in prayer. When you get in a habit of doing things, it becomes easier.

But maybe really what you need to start is a spiritual coach to help you- like I need a trainer to guide me. So let me help...

You got this! You are meant to know more, live more into the faith. YOU need this and your spiritual health will get stronger. Push yourself just a little bit more. Pray for someone you don't like. Get outside your comfort zone and really dive deep. You will get stronger. Your faith will grow and you will set an example to those around you. Go! You can do this!!!!