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  • jferris

It was by faith... Hebrews 1-35

My mom used to tell me that you never stop worrying about your kids. I “got that” when my girls were small, but when they got older, went off to college, began to live the life God intended, it seemed I worried more. So, I circled back and talked to my mom again. I got the same answer. I was even shocked to find out that she worried about me even at my age. It doesn’t get any easier as your kids get older. Less physical… more mental… and tons more prayer!!

One night as I was leaving church, I was exhausted from worrying about one of my daughters. Nothing major. I’ve been blessed by very little drama with them. I just remember I didn’t know how to help her, and I was frustrated – probably because she wasn’t doing things the way I would do them.

I began sobbing in my car, and I sat there, praying… telling God that I did all that I could do for her and did the best that I could do, but I needed to give her back to Him. From that point forward I never prayed more for my girls than I do now. To be honest, I wish I would have prayed more and done less worrying as they were growing up.

As soon as I put God in charge, things changed. I relaxed. I let my girls make their decisions and loved them through the results good or bad. I never stop praying for wisdom to be a better parent. I ask God every day to bring them into a lifelong relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. And I ask Him to show me when a door opens where I might share my faith with them to help them on that journey.

I read a commentary Bible, and I recommend it to everyone. Here’s what I had highlighted a while back. Not sure if it was before what happened above or after, but regardless, it sums up much better what I want to say than I ever could…

“As a parent, have you trusted God enough to take care of your children? God has a plan for every person, and your important task is to pray for your children and prepare them to do the work God has planned for them to do. Faith allows us to entrust even our children to God.” (Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT; www.tyndale.com)

Our kids were given to us by God and there comes a time we must give them back. We are accountable to Him… not society. Keep your kids and your parenting skills in your prayers every day. God will let you know when He needs them back!