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  • Tim McQuade

Breathe, Pray and Read

Boy, there sure is a lot happening in the world right now. A plague of locusts is rampaging through eastern Africa endangering farms and, as a result the food supply. There is the likelihood of a pandemic due to the corona virus spreading. In response the stock market is heading significantly downward threatening retirements and incomes. And of course its tax time. I imagine that many are feeling a rising sense of anxiety with these events and the news media isn’t helpful in that regard.

These events may be adding to the normal sense of worry of everyday life. Many have health concerns making their way into their lives or the lives of loved ones. There may be worries about family members, marriages, jobs, and any other things. How do we respond faithfully in an anxiety provoking world?

I think the first thing to remember is that being anxious is not a sin. So, if you’re feeling anxious about all these things let me suggest a three part strategy. First, remember to breathe. Sit down in a quiet place and slowly take a deep breath in and out, pause and repeat. Next tell God you’re anxious (He already knows) and detail why you’re anxious. Continue to sit quietly repeating those slow deep breaths. Finally, remember that God is bigger than locusts, corona virus, the stock market and any other source of worry. Reading a Psalm or other Scriptures helps us remember that fact. The deep breathing, prayer and Scripture will help refocus us. The presence of God in our lives tends to minimize our anxiety and worry. Worries shrink in His presence. So, breathe, pray and read the Scriptures. And remember, God is good.

- Rev. Dr. Tim McQuade