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  • Tim McQuade

Blame It On Thanksgiving

The Season of Advent has arrived late this year. In fact, I learned the other day that there will be six less Christmas shopping days after Thanksgiving this year. Because November started on a Friday that moved Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November, back a week. Because Thanksgiving was a week “late” we lost those six shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

I find it rather ironic that gratitude, in effect, stole six shopping days away from Christmas. No, ironic is not the correct word. I find it appropriate. I find it appropriate that a day set aside to express gratitude to God for his provision and blessings in our lives “stole” six days from the Christmas shopping season. I find I’m hoping that maybe the gratitude of Thanksgiving will spill over into our celebration of Christmas.

In a way losing those six days has helped me refocus on the meaning of Christmas. Sorry retailers, Jesus was not born to save the economy. He was born to save you and me. So I’m hoping you and I carry a little Thanksgiving with us as we prepare for Christmas. I hope you do indeed enjoy the gatherings and Christmas programs and the gifts you will receive. Christmas should be a festive time as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. But I also hope Thanksgiving spills over into our Christmas. Perhaps “losing” those six shopping days is not a bad thing after all. May you have a merry and gratitude filled Christmas season.

- Tim